Cometary Coma Image Enhancement Facility

This tool allows you to upload an image to our server and have it be enhanced by a certain enhancement technique. To learn about the different enhancement techniques available, or to download the enhancement programs for offline use, click here to access the help page.

This web Facility was developed for OSX by M. Patrick Martin, and ported to Linux by Gavin Nelson
Corresponding enhancement algorithms and codes were developed by Nalin Samarasinha and Steve Larson.

We appreciate your use of this Facility. Please cite this Facility (and its content) in the following way: Samarasinha, N. H., Martin, M. P., Larson, S. M, 2013. Cometary Coma Image Enhancement Facility,

First, choose the enhancement technique to apply:

Image to be enhanced: Image to be enhanced:
The comet image to be enhanced. The image must be *.fits or *.fit.

(Maximum file size: 10.8 MB, Image filename: <40 characters)

(x,y) coordinates of the nucleus/optocenter:

(x,y) coordinates of the nucleus/optocenter:
Where to center the enhancement, usually the brightest part of the image. Round to one decimal place. Note that the origin pixel is (1,1) in this Facility, not (0,0) as it is in some image editing software.

(, )
Note that the origin pixel is (1,1).

Region to enhance:

Region to enhance:
If you wish to only enhance a certain section of the image, fill out this section. By default, the limits are set to include the entire image.

X limits: ,

Y limits: ,

Please wait...
Note: Because of how browsers display images, your images may not display optimally below. Please download the fits image and adjust the images' brightness, contrast, etc in an image viewer like ds9.
These images will only be saved on our servers for about one hour. Please click "Download" below any images you wish to save.

Unenhanced (input) image Enhanced x,y image
Unenhanced ρ - θ image Enhanced ρ - θ image
A=, B=, N= A=, B=, N=
A=, B=, N= A=, B=, N=
A=, B=, N= A=, B=, N=
A=, B=, N= A=, B=, N=

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